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Falling hair and thinning hair are big problems for many of us! Even it does not physically affect our body directly, it is an emotional distress, affecting personality and our social life and takes away your confidence!

Every time you wash or comb your hair, you will see you have falling hair! Some people have tried medication to stop this but it generally does not work as hoped. Hair transplant is a better option.

There are 2 main problems from falling hair - thinning hair and baldness

The procedure has been implemented since it first started with “Strip”. It is not used now because it causes scarring around the back of the head. To overcome that problem, a procedure was developed for hair transplant called “Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)”. This technique overcomes the scarring problem in the donor areas.

There are 2 main techniques for hair transplant
1. Hair Transplant with Strip technique

A strip is cut from the back of the head, (as hair there is stronger than others), then suturing closes the incision area. This method is performed by the specialist, progressing very slowly to avoid damaging cells and causing problem afterward.

2. Hair Transplant with FUE technique

This procedure is good for people who do not wish to have surgey. FUE is a permanent hair transplant using a needle-like piercing to make a hole which is just only 0.8-1.2mm diameter. The piercing will start from the root, and using tweezers to remove hair, then with a microscope allocate strong and healthy hair to grow in the problem areas.

Advantage of using FUE

- Less pain than “Strip” because it is an invasive surgery
- Able to bring hair from other areas to grow (depends on hair condition)
- No sutures
- No scars

Treatment at Robotic Hair Transplant Center, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

1. Treatment with medications

There are many type of medication to treat hair problems:- (thinning hair, falling hair) but until now there are no medications that do not cause side-effects. Some medications could cause hair fall again after stopping medications that is why this treatment requires consultation with a specialist.

2. Robotic Hair Transplant

A new innovation in hair transplantation that is very precise in transplanting without surgery. It uses a robotic hand to remove cells from hair root around the back of the scalp area, then encourages growth in the problem area without harming the cells. Using your own hair and grows new hair naturally in a good condition without scar, no recovery period or hospital stay required. Hair can be washed within 24-48 hours after the procedure.