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Feeling comfortable with affordable prices

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Make your surgery easy and without worry with no extra expenses*

“Feel comfortable with the affordable price” Program

Procedure Package Price Hospital Stay (Night)
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (by Laparoscopy) 260,000 3
Inguinal Hernia [1 Side] 120,000 1
Appendectomy 120,000 2
Hemorrhoidectomy 95,000 2

(*Terms and conditions apply)


1. The prices include doctor fee, operation room, medical supplies and medication related to the mentioned procedures only.
2. The prices include recovery room, meals and hospital service charge.
3. The prices include the medical supplies related to the surgery, meals, medical equipment during the hospital stay.
4. The prices exclude;
- Pre-operation check-up
- Specialist consultation fee before the surgery
- CT Appendix for Appendectomy Surgery
5. The prices exclude the treatment for any underlying disease and other additional expenses.
6. The patient’s age range is 14-65 years old.
7. The package items are not exchangeable.
8. The prices are applicable for Thai Insurance and International Insurance.
9. The prices are applicable for International Patients and Tourists.
10. The prices are applicable to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya only.

Remark: The hospital reserves the right to alter the prices without prior notice.

Valid until 31 December 2017